We are a general osteopathic practice based in the centre of Harrogate treating a wide range of musculo-skeletal problems – not just back ache, but problems with hips, knees, elbows, shoulders and ankles as well as the smaller joints of the feet and hands. We deal not only with bones as the title osteopath might suggest, but also with muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. The age of our patients has ranged from the newborn to the over nineties.

To enable us to relate more fully to the patient we have a half hour appointment system. Your first appointment will include an in depth assessment of your case history and a clinical examination to test the mechanics of your body. Background information on your lifestyle, social situation and past history will also be taken into account.

Together with this information and with our osteopathic techniques, we treat the cause of the problem and not just the effect. We use gentle and effective manipulations to treat the whole body.

We pride ourselves on a professional and dedicated approach to our work combined with a relaxed and happy atmosphere within the practice.

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