If you can’t help will you refer me on?2020-02-24T14:51:16+00:00

We will refer any patient that is unsuitable for our treatment, either to their GP or another medical specialist. Over the years we have built up very good relationships with the local medical professionals and indeed help with some GP training at the practice.

Can I stop treatment at any time?2020-02-24T14:50:51+00:00

Yes of course, our only aim is to benefit our patients and we will never put pressure on patients either to continue with treatment or to have any treatment which they might consider unnecessary.

Can I choose which osteopath to see?2020-02-24T14:47:41+00:00

The patient can always choose the osteopath they want to see and they can easily change to another osteopath in the practice at any time. In the same way if we feel that patients need to be referred either to another allied health professional or to a doctor, we will always do so. We are quite happy for patients to change osteopaths for any reason and indeed sometimes we might suggest that a patient sees another osteopath ourselves.

In order to have treatment will I need to undress?2020-02-24T14:46:51+00:00

In order to perform a full examination and allow treatment, patients often need to undress to their underwear, as is usual for many medical treatments. However it is very important that you feel confident and comfortable during your consultation and gowns are available if required. We are guided by our patients and would never do anything that you are uncomfortable with.

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