Return to Sport

I’m sure lots of you will be looking forward to a return to sport whether that be the gym or golf course from the 29th March, or swimming pools from the 17th May.

Any return to sport following a prolonged period of inactivity brings an added risk of injury.

The body doesn’t respond well to rapid changes in training frequency (how often) or training intensity (how much/how hard).

Getting back to normal training and a return to the gym for example, brings about change and as a result, an added risk of injury.

To help you bridge this gap and avoid injury here are 3 top tips to help you get back into a normal exercise routine, whilst also avoiding injury!

#1 Do Similar Exercises

To give yourself the best chance to transition back into your normal sport or exercise without any issues, try to include movements that are similar to those that you aim to do upon your return.

Depending on what ‘normal’ training is for you this will differ.

Say you play golf…

If all you’ve been doing during lock-down is walking and some sit ups then your body is going to be in for a shock when you make that first swing with the golf club. At the very least practice your swing in the garden before you’re back on the course in a week or two’s time!

#2 Make It Work For You

Working and exercising from home can be pretty tough.

Getting out of the house might serve as a great break for you, both physically and mentally.

If your enthusiasm for exercise is waning then just try do what works for you at the moment.

Keeping your mood high is as important as ever right now, so maybe think about taking your training outdoors, or adding in a different form of exercise, like a different walking route, as part of your weekly routine.

#3 Fix Up Any Aches And Pains

If you are struggling with any niggles right now, the likelihood is that these might get worse when you attempt to return back to your sport.

The last thing you want to happen is to be injured as soon as you start!

If you are struggling with anything right now, it might be the best time to get fixed up.

Think of it like a service for your car, keeping your car (or yourself) in the best shape possible, ready and raring to go!

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