In the fast-paced and demanding world we live in, stress and chronic pain have become increasingly prevalent, affecting millions of individuals globally (especially after the pandemic). A more commonly used medicinal approach often focuses solely on symptom management, leaving a gap in addressing the root causes of the problem. However, a holistic combination of sophrology and osteopathy has emerged as a powerful and integrative approach to promote overall well-being by addressing both the mind and body.

With that in mind we have the pleasure of welcoming Audrey, our new sophrologist, to the team.

Audrey Zannese

Audrey is originally from France and came to the UK in 2005 to complete a PhD in Biological Sciences at the University of Leeds. She’s been living in the UK since. During the PhD she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) and she decided to go back to France for a few weeks to start the treatment. She met a French neurologist who recommended sophrology to her. Sophrology is as popular in France as mindfulness is in the UK so Audrey knew what the neurologist was talking about but she was extremely skeptical.

Audrey started practising sophrology in 2007 and it was a complete life-changer. She learnt how to reduce her stress and anxiety which led to her feeling more confident and optimistic about her life and her future. She changed career in 2014 and trained at the Sophrology Academy in Kent of which she’s now Education Director. Today Audrey lives symptom free and uses sophrology daily to manage her energy levels to do more of what she loves (like going for walks in her spare time)

Because of her own journey with MS, Audrey has a particular interest in working with professional women struggling with chronic fatigue and pain. She’ll use sophrology, a uniquely structured mind-body practice combining Western relaxation techniques and Eastern meditative practices, to help them reduce anxiety and pain and manage energy levels.

Sophrology consists of gentle body movements, relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, positive visualisation and elements of mindfulness and meditation. It is a very gentle method, easy to incorporate in everyday life and very accessible. Audrey will always adapt the exercises to the specific needs of her clients.

Audrey is available most Monday afternoons from 1pm-7pm

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