Having practised osteopathy for over fifty years, Tom has decided to hang up his clinic coat and register as a non practicing osteopath as of the 23rd of November (we don’t use the word retire here).

Tom has worked for the General Osteopathic Council as an external examiner and moderator and as an expert witness. British School of Osteopathy, London College of Osteopathic Medicine, European School of Osteopathy, and British College of Osteopathic Medicine are among the schools he has examined at. The Stockholm College of Osteopathic Medicine in Sweden entrusted him with the role of moderating the final clinical examinations. He has also participated in the validation of the Osteopathic honours degree course at the International Academy of Osteopathy in Ghent, Belgium, on behalf of the University of Wales. All of this whilst giving the best care and support to all of his patients.

From the end of November Tom will have the chance to see more of his grandchildren and give extra attention to the garden. He also plans to explore the history of the practice; we were founded in 1926 so we could well be the oldest osteopathic clinic in the country. We hope Tom continues to visit us, particularly in the summer, and continues to supply the clinic with his home-grown veg. Thanks Tom and enjoy your future endeavours.

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